How to get your IRS refund via Direct Deposit

Tired of waiting for your IRS refund to show up in the mail? Nobody needs that hassle, especially now that it's so easy to get your refund automatically deposited to your bank account, or for SMI cardholders directly to your smiONE Platinum card.

Here's how to set your IRS refund via Direct Deposit in three easy steps:

1) Set up DD on your account 

2) Locate your account information here:

smiONE Platinum Card direct deposit screen

3) Insert this account info on line 21B when you file your taxes (more info here.) 

Now just sit back and wait for the funds to hit your account! Not set up for Direct Deposit? Be sure to check out our tutorials here, or reach out to our Customer Service team 24/7 for assistance.

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